How do I register with Sellio™?
Click "Register" anywhere on the site to sign up.  Fill out your information and create your user account to register.
After I register, how do I change my user information?
To change your profile information, sign in and click "My Account", then "Edit Account".  Update the fields you want to change and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.
How do you protect the information I provide?
Your information is Secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protection. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms-of-Service for more information.
Why do you ask for my phone number and address?
We collect your phone number and address for multiple purposes such as supporting your watchlist notifications throughout your buying and selling process.  Purchasing properties is a significant event for most, so we fully verify users via email and SMS prior to participation.  We also may contact you from time to time via phone or SMS to provide further information about our products and services, or to update you about your bidding and selling activities. See our Privacy-Policy for more information.


What are the requirements to sell on™
Sellers must Register an Account and Create a Listing by providing property details. After approval, sellers work with Sellio’s platform to set up the listing. Seller must 

Be an owner, agent and/or have legal right to sell the property
Be reasonable on market pricing and ready, willing and able to sell
​Understand that the Listing and information is controlled by the seller 100% 
Must provide truthful and accurate information to attract the most qualified buyer and sell for the highest price. 
​Understand Sellio™ is a platform and marketplace facilitating connections between buyers and sellers, does not represent any party to the listing or perform brokerage activities and does not guarantee any property will be sold. 
​Be moving out at closing OR the property is being sold subject to the property being occupied by owner or a tenant under lease terms that will be stated on the listing. 

Abiding by these requirements protects the integrity of the marketplace. If you are unwilling to sell, unrealistic in your pricing expectations or do not provide sufficient info for buyers your listing may not qualify to enter the marketplace.
How does Sellio™ manage offers for me?
After you set up your listing in your Seller Portal with the information, interested buyers will have a chance to view the information, do their Due Diligence and make offers LIVE on the listing. Buyers place an Offer Hold, a $1000-$3000 pre-authorization hold on their credit card,, and then choose their offer amount. 

The price will drop in increments based on the Listing Period you choose, and the buyer who places the highest offer first, will secure the rights to win the listing with a contract.  Sellers reserve the ultimate right to choose not to sell.

All buyers and offers are pre-qualified with ID and Proof of Funds prior to ensure legitimacy.

**Make sure all buyers are making offers on the Sellio™ Listing to level the playing field. If you take offers outside of your Listing it will compromise the integrity of your asking price and you will not get the full value of the Sellio™ process.
What are the different types of Sellio™ listings?
Sellio offers different levels of service and varies depending on the seller and when the listing is being created.  Generally Sellers are the home owners, the representing agent of the home owner or an investor with equitable interest in the property.
How does the Reverse-Style Auction work?
You will set your listing's highest (reasonable) Starting Price, Reserve Price (lowest acceptable price) and the Listing Period (the time frame when buyers can make offers). Your dynamic Asking Price is displayed LIVE on the listing and will drop incrementally until it reaches your Reserve Price

Buyers can secure the Listing at the current Asking Price, or set a lower offer during your Listing Period.  Buyers are required to place an Offer Hold (pre-authorization/hold of $1000-$3000) to make an offer. The buyer who places the highest offer first can be selected (at the sole discretion of the seller) as the winner so you can start closing. If your listing does not secure interested buyers during your Listing Period, your listing will disappear and you will have the option to relist and start the listing over.
How do I set up a listing for my property?
Register and Click "Create a Listing" on any page of the site and Sellio™ will walk you through step-by-step.  You will have a dedicated Support Specialist that will help you  from start to finish.  You may select the seller options that best fits your ownership and interests.  For more information visit the Sellers page in the Menu.
What is the Listing Period?
The Listing Period is the time period you allow buyers to place an offer and purchase your client's property. Your Listing Period can be up to 90 days and based on you or your client's specific needs. You and your client will receive a unique Listing URL to send to buyers. The Listing Period cannot be changed after the Listing goes live, unless the seller cancels or the seller decides to re-list.
What is the Reserve Price?
The Reserve Price is the the lowest acceptable amount your client will sell for. When the Listing reaches the Reserve Price, it the listing will disappear and end.
What if the buyer backs out?
If the buyer doesn't perform after you select them as the winning buyer of the listing, the buyer's $1000-$3000 becomes a non-refundable charge to the buyer, so your buyer will have 'skin in the game.
How do I schedule showings?
Interested buyers will inquire directly on the listing with questions or to access the property. You will receive these questions and requests and handle according to your standard scheduling processes.
Do I need to do repairs or clean the house?
No. 90% of the properties on Sellio™ are sold as-is.
How do I share my listings with buyers?
When you Create a Sellio™ Listing, you will receive a unique Listing URL to share with interested buyers. We encourage speaking with buyers, answer questions, etc... but do not negotiate price directly. Doing this will compromise the integrity of your listing and you will not get the full value of Sellio™! Just tell them "I'm taking all offers on Sellio™ to save time."  Then share your Unique Listing URL when they are ready.

Remind them to do their due diligence DURING the Listing Period.
What If I want to cancel the listing?
You control the listing 100% and reserve the right to end or cancel the listing at any time, for any reason. You can also take any offer at any time and start closing. 
What are the best properties suited for Sellio?
Sellio™ can be utilized for the sale of essentially any property, however are best suited for motivated sellers who are looking for an efficient way to sell directly to a buyer.
Can I sell to a buyer outside of Sellio™?
To protect the pricing consistency and integrity of our sellers' listings, and to level the playing field for buyers, it's important that you direct all buyer's offers to go through the Sellio™ Listing.  If this is not possible for any reason, please inform Sellio™ immediately and we'll ensure all offers are entered and considered.   

By entertaining offers outside of the system, you can compromise the integrity of your listing, the Sellio™ platform, and can cause complications to close the property. 
What happens to the property if the Listing Period ends without a buyer to secure the property?
If a Listing ends without a buyer, the listing is removed. The seller reserves the right to accept a lower offer if applicable, and negotiate with a buyer that made an offer via Sellio™ to propose new terms.  Seller can also re-list the property at the available rates.
How do I communicate with buyers?
During your Listing Period, Sellio™ allows buyers to add your listing to their 'watchlist', inquire with questions or access to the property. You will be notified of activity so that you can connect and close. Just remember not to negotiate price and let your Sellio™ Listing do the heavy lifting to get the best price.
After I have selected a buyer, how does it work?
Once you select your winning buyer, we connect you with your buyer to start the closing process according to your standard business process. If necessary, Sellio™ can introduce you to qualified escrow officers, title, closing attorney's so you can have the resources you need.
How do I accept an offer?
You will be informed for the offers placed on your Listing and you Reserve the right to select a buyer at any time. Once you are ready to accept an offer, you will inform Sellio™ so you can start the closing process.
What if 2 or more buyers place the same offer?
The offer that is placed first achieves first rights to become the winning buyer, so it is based on priority order. 

This is why it is important for interested buyers to inspect the property and confirm their offer price as quickly as possible within the Listing Period.  Please utliize your Listing Period to drive Urgency to get the best offers first.
How do I know the "Selected Winner" is really going to buy my property?
Sellio™ does not guarantee nor legally enforce buyers to close, but we do require an Offer Hold to participate so they have 'skin in the game'. If buyers do not follow through to close, their Offer Hold becomes a non-refundable charge, incentivizing the buyer close. If a Buyer chooses to lose the Offer Hold and walk away, Sellio™ retains this deposit and splits it 50/50 with the seller. You may choose another buyer or re-list the property.
Can I Negotiate the Sale Price with the Winning Buyer after the Listing Period ends?
This is not recommended to protect the integrity of your sale and keep your buyer engaged in closing. All Due Diligence, inspections, etc should be completed during the Listing Period to minimize negotiating after the Listing Period ends. However, Seller has the option to negotiate with the buyer after the listing has ended, should something unexpected arise. Applicable Sellio™ service fees remain the same regardless of the change in sale price.  
When do we close on the property? (When do I get paid?)
Closing will be based on variables (buyers, sellers, agreement, closing attorney, financing, etc). therefore the timeframe to closing terms are on the property listing. Closings are generally set 2 weeks to 30 days from listing.  This can be modified based on you and your buyer's needs.  Sellio™ does not dictate closing timeframes or terms or offer legal advice.
Does Sellio™ or buyers inspect my home before I sell?
Sellio does not inspect your property, however an interested buyer may be interested in seeing the home prior to the end of the Listing Period.  You will set your property access information and buyers can request a time to view the property.  This will vary based on the listing, seller, and buyer preference.
I have a listing agent, can I still sell my property on Sellio™?
Yes!  We love working with agents. Inform your agent you'd like to sell on Sellio™, you can list your property, and your agent will still earn their commission based on your listing agreement.


To learn how to buy on Sellio™, view the 2 minute Buyer Video

How can I buy a home on Sellio™
Register Your Account, find the property you want to buy and place your Offer Hold (pre-authorization, generally $1000-$3000 Hold), and Confirm your offer price.  If you are the highest offer and the seller selects you as the buyer, you will start the process to close.  
Who are the buyers most suited to use Sellio™
​Any buyers or active investors who are willing and able to buy properties.
What types of properties are available for sale on
Sellio™ is a listing service for Sellers and there is a range of properties listed.  This could be studios; single-family homes; one- to four-unit, multi-family residences; condominiums; townhomes; mixed-use properties; multi-family properties, mobile homes and land.  This could also be from a private seller, agent, investor or bank.  Most properties are owned by sellers are motivated and ready for a expedited sale process.
Do I need to register to make an offer on a property?
Yes, you need to register to the website, register for the listing and place an Offer Deposit to make an offer on a property.
How can I receive notifications and alerts on Listings I'm participating in?
Add properties to your watchist to receive updates.  Set your SMS and Email alerts under Preferences in My Account.  Simply choose the alerts you want to receive and you'll receive notifications based on your preferences.
What are the Terms of Buying Homes on Sellio™?
Please see the basic overview of terms, and what you should know on the Buyer Page'.  You can also view the terms of service page for more detailed information.
What are the Requirements to make an offer on a Home?
You must be a registered user of the website, place and offer and ultimately must be able to show proof of funds to secure the rights to win the property.
 What are the Sellio™ Buyer Guidelines?
Buyer to Complete Due Diligence and Make Offer Prior to the end of the Listing Period on the Sellio™ Listing
​​Buyer Purchasing As-Is | Sellio™ Buyers agree to purchase the property in as-is condition and based on the terms on the listing unless otherwise stated on the Listing. Buyer assumes all liability and responsibility for purchasing on Sellio™
Offer Hold when you are ready to secure a property, we will pre-authorize a Credit Card. This is released when the Listing Period is finished, whether or not a buyer is the selected winner.  If buyer is the selected winner and does not perform, the pre-authorization becomes a nonrefundable charge.  (unless seller cannot transfer clean title, which Offer Hold will be released immediately.
Service Fee generally ranges around .05%- 25 (half of a percent) and covers the cost of providing the technology and marketplace platform to participants. This fee is paid by the buyer, only after a successful Sellio™ listing event and closing. The amount will be included added into the 'Total Amount' when you Confirm Price to buy the property.
Win Deals Automatically As a buyer you can use the (-) minus sign to your desired buy price and win the rights to purchase the deal automatically, without taking any additional steps. Simply reduce the bid price using the (-) minus sign and once it hits, you win! (based on priority order)
ID & P​roof of Funds Required | Upload documentation in your account after registration and it will be verified by Sellio™. All registered bidders must have cash available and be able to close the property, in as-is condition, on the sellers time-frame and terms.
​​​​Buyer has 48 Business Hours to execute signed PSA and make the Earnest Money Deposit with selected Escrow or deal may be forfeited to the next buyer.
​​Title and Closing Attorney Connect with one of recommended Escrow, Title and Closing Attorneys, or bring your own.

Please visit to see more information
How does Due Diligence work?
Buyer should to perform Due Diligence during the Listing Period to determine the offer price.  It is each Participant’s responsibility to conduct its own due diligence before the Listing Period ends and investigate all matters relating to each Property that Participant is interested in purchasing, including, without limitation, legal matters, physical condition and attributes, environmental matters, economic matters, encumbrances, and all other aspects. All offers should be based solely on Participant’s independent due diligence and any information contained in the Purchase Documents.  Sellio™ does not guarantee any information on the platform.
How and when do I schedule an inspection?
Each seller's needs are unique.  To access the property click "Inquire" below the property pricing box and we'll help coordinate based on the listing and sellers preference.
The 'Offer Hold' and Funds Verification
An Offer Hold (generally in the amount of $1,000 - $3,000), is required to make an offer on a listing. This is not a charge, but a pre-authorization and hold on the Buyer’s credit card to ensure ability to pay and serve as collateral. After registering and making the Offer Deposit, the Buyer will be required to submit Proof of funds (letter of credit, bank letter, other proof of funds deemed acceptable in the sole discretion of Sellio™) and a government issued photo ID for proof of identity. 
Why is there an Offer Hold?
The Offer Deposit protects the integrity of the Sellio™ Auction and helps ensure all buyers are serious, qualified and have material interest in purchasing the subject property.
Is the Offer Hold refundable?
The Offer Hold will not become a charge unless you fail to fulfill certain obligations, such as depositing Earnest Money and Purchase and Sale Agreement with escrow.  If you are not the selected winner, the hold will be released immediately and available within 2-7 business days after the Listing Period has ended. 
What if I am the "Selected Winner" and don't make the earnest money deposit?
If you are the selected bidder and you fail to deliver your earnest money deposit within the required time frame, the Offer Hold hold will be converted into a non-refundable charge on your credit card in the amount of the Offer Hold.
Can I withdraw the Offer Hold hold anytime during the Listing Period?
No. Once the Offer Hold is placed, the amount will be held through the end of the Listing Period, even if you do not place any offers on that property in the Listing Period. Please be sure that you want to place an offer on a property before you Confirm your price and place your offer.
There's already an Offer Hold hold on my credit card for a property. If I bid on another property, is a new Offer deposit required?
Yes, a Offer Hold is required once for every listing in order to secure rights to buy the property.
How long is the Offer Deposit hold?
The Offer Hold will remain until the Listing has ended.  If you are the Selected Winner it will be released once Earnest Money and Purchase and Sale Agreement are deposited into Escrow.  If you are not the winner it will be released immediately and show up in your account in 2-7 days.
What is the Service Fee?
​If applicable, the Service Fee is a nominal flat fee paid by the buyer, only after a successful closing. The amount will be included and displayed in the 'Total Amount' when you set your offer price.  The Service Fee covers the cost of providing the technology and marketplace platform to participants. This fee is paid by the buyer, only after a successful Sellio™ listing event and closing. 
Earnest Money Deposit
This amount will be specified on the Sellio™ listing and PSA and held with the chosen escrow/title/attorney. The minimum required earnest money deposit is calculated by the seller and is outside the control or discretion of Sellio™.  The seller chooses the requested Earnest Money amount and Sellio™ does not handle earnest money.

Buyer must Deposit Earnest Money into escrow no later than 48 business hours after the seller approves the Selected Winner. If the Earnest Money Deposit is the wrong amount or not timely received, Buyer may forfeit the Offer Hold amount, the seller may select another buyer and buyer can potentially lose privileges of buying on Sellio™.   
What if I want to make a lower offer than the Asking Price?
There are 2 options

1)  If you want to make a lower offer than the Current Asking Price displayed, you can use the (-) minus sign on the listing to decrease the offer price.  Once the Current Price on the listing matches your Confirmed Offer Price, you win automatically (provided the seller selects your offer).   You can change your Confirm Price at any time before the Current Price drops.  

2). If you do not want to buy automatically, wait until the price drops to your desired price and Confirm Price at that time.  Just make sure to add the properties to your watchlist and set your notifications in "My Account".
What is Auto-Buy
Bidders interested in a specific property can use the Auto Buy feature to select your desired price and win automatically when the Listing's Current Price matches your Confirm Price.
What happens if someone places the same Confirmed Price as me?
The buyer who places an Offer Hold and Confirms their Offer Price on the listing FIRST will be rewarded the opportunity to be the Selected Winner.  It pays to be first on Sellio!
Does the seller have to approve the Winning Offer?
Sellers can accept or reject any offer and have the legal right to approve or reject bids, at their sole discretion and for any reason.
What is required for Proof of Funds?
Generally, in cash transactions, proof of funds is can be a letter from a financial institution controlled by the buyer that the buyer's account has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. In transactions involving financing, proof of funds is by providing a pre-approval letter from the buyer's mortgage company or bank that is providing the financing.

To upload Proof of Funds, you can simply upload the documents to "My Account" under the "File Uploads" section after you place your Bid Deposit or become the Selected Winner for approval. Simply click and drag your docs, pictures or PDFs to the system and we'll keep them on record. There is a time limit to show Proof of Funds, so the docs must be uploaded before time runs out.  

Approval is based on the sole discretion of Sellio™
Why do I need proof of funds?
This is the primary function to protect the integrity of the listings, the Sellio™ marketplace and ensure buyers are qualified to make offers to sellers.  
Do I need a real estate agent to make an offer?
No, you can make an offer on Sellio™ with or without an agent. If you have an agent, simply let us know and we'll provide a trusted Agent Partner from our network.
How does Buyer Agent compensation work? 
If applicable, the buyer agent commission will be displayed on the listing page -  buyer agent commission amounts are at the sole discretion of the seller.  Buyer's Agents may also ask their Buyer for compensation if the seller is not offering a Buyer Agent commission.
Seller's Rights and Obligations
Sellers who market their properties on Sellio are not making an offer to other Participants to contract, they are inviting Participants to make an offer to contract with them. 

Accordingly, Sellers can withdraw the listing from the marketplace at any time. Making an offer on a listing demonstrates your intent to purchase the listed item or property and will constitute your acceptance of the Sellers invitation to make an offer to enter into a contract with the Seller. As a buyer, you are obligated to complete the transaction with the Seller if you submit the Winning Offer, or risk losing your deposit, or potentially future privileges of the Sellio™ platform.
Can I submit my offer subject to a contingency?
Sellio™ properties are sold "as-is," so there are no contingencies available. 
I am having trouble submitting an offer, who do I contact?
Please contact our Customer Support team via email at
Can I finance the purchase of the property on this site?
​Financed offers will be considered, however it is your sole discretion to receive approval on your financing.  If you cannot close on the property based on the terms of use, you can forfeit your Offer Hold and your account may potentially be suspended or disabled.
Is there anything else I should do before I make an offer  on a property?
Make sure to do your Due Diligence prior to Placing an Offer Hold or Confirming your price.  Unless otherwise stated on the listing Sellio™ is a marketplace for Cash real estate deals, so it is expected that once you Confirm you are ready to purchase and can close in a timely manner.
What is a certified or verified listing?
A Certified of Verified listing is a listing that Sellio™ does for seller's to help market or provide service to the listing.  Any references to a user or listing being Certified or Verified (or similar language) indicate only that the user or listing has completed a relevant verification or identification process and nothing else. 

Is Sellio™ an auctioneer or broker?
No,™ is a platform and online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers and does not provide representation, negotiate, control information or legal advice regarding the transaction process.

Agent Acknowledgements and Agreements

Licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers acting in their professional capacity on behalf of a client, are permitted and encouraged to use the Sellio Platform, subject to the conditions below.  Any Licensed Real Estate Agent who markets a property on Sellio or the Affiliated Websites and Applications on behalf of a Seller hereby.

How much does it cost to list a property with my client?
Pricing varies and you can find the specified listing fees on the Sellers Page.  There are also opportunities for Agent Partners to receive discount or custom pricing offers by becoming a Agent Partner.  Sellio™ never interferes with your commission.
Do I still get my commission if I sell a property through Sellio™?
Yes.  Sellio™ is considered a marketing tool you use to manage offers and will never interfere with your commission.
  • Acknowledges that marketing the property on Sellio™ or the Affiliated Websites and Applications does not ensure or guarantee that the property will receive offers, receive bids, or be sold;
  • Certified of Verified Listing is a listing that Sellio™ does for seller's to help market or additionally service the listing. Any references to a user or listing being Certified or Verified (or similar language) indicate only that the user or listing has completed a relevant verification or identification process and nothing else. 
  • R​epresents and warrants to Sellio™ that the marketing is made on behalf of, and with permission from, the Seller of such property;

  • Agrees to enter the correct Listing Price or Reserve Price under proper authority of the Seller;

  • Agrees to enter a proper description of the property and to ensure all other information regarding the property is correct during the entire time the property is marketed on Sellio™ or the Affiliated Websites and Applications;

  • Agrees specify in the appropriate MLS listing(s) that property offers should be made and entered through the Sellio platform;

  • Agrees to enter or have entered on Sellio or the Affiliated Websites and Applications any offer such Licensed Real Estate Agent or the Seller of such property receives to purchase such property outside of Sellio or the Affiliated Websites and Applications; and

  • Agrees to indicate on Sellio or the Affiliated Websites and Applications within a reasonable timeframe whether the Seller of the property has accepted a Selected Bid for the property.
Sellio™ is a marketplace and technology platform used by sellers and licensed real estate agents, to market real estate properties and manage bids for the sale of those properties. Properties are available to all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Common Terms

  • Listing or Property Event conducted by Sellio on behalf of a seller of real property or secured note(s). Sellio™ does not represent any party to the transaction, but helps facilitate the connection between sellers and buyers.
  • L​isting Period The time in which a listing is active and can be secured by a buyer.
  • ​Participant each prospective seller and/or buyer who participates in any Sellio™ listing is a “Participant”.
  • ​Current Price the Current Asking Price that the sellers is selling the property for.  Buyers can confirm the "Current Price" at any time, and win automatically.
  • Confirm Price (or "Offer"): Buyer's selects their desired purchase price amount and set the "Confirm Price". Buyers win the rights once the buyers "Confirm Price" meets the "Current Price" on the listing.
  • Offer Hold: When buyers are ready to make an offer and purchase, Sellio™ pre-authorizes a credit card hold that is released at conclusion of the listing, unless buyers do not take the necessary actions to perform under Sellio™ terms of service.
  • ​Selected Winner:  The Registered Buyer that Places a Bid Deposit, Confirms the Price and is selected by the seller to buy the property. 
  • ​Service Fee: Fee covering the cost of providing the technology and marketplace platform to participants. This fee is paid by the buyer, only after a successful Sellio™ listing event and closing. The amount will be included added into the 'Total Amount' when you set your Confirm Price to buy the property.
  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD):  Amount of consideration buyer must place into escrow to secure the rights to the listing or property.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA):  Agreement to buy and sell property between buyer and seller after a successful connection is made.
  • Terms: (“Terms”) apply to each listing, buyer/seller connection and/or other marketing or transaction event
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Sellio™ is a marketplace and technology platform used by sellers and licensed real estate agents, to market real estate properties and manage offers for the sale of those properties. Properties are available to all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.
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