Sell Deals Faster, For More Money - Without Negotiating.

Discover the ultimate tool for savvy investors to list and sell properties online.  Say goodbye to the back and forth.

Sellio™ works with qualified investors who have off market properties they are looking to sell quickly to cash buyers.

Why List On Sellio™?

Sellio™ offers a new way to sell property that removes the headache from the process.
  • ​Eliminate negotiating price, weed out 'tire-kickers' and low-ball offers, re-negotiation headaches, effortlessly. 
  • ​Save time by Qualifying Buyers Automatically stop dealing with tire-kickers and let Sellio™ weed out all the buyers that are not serious.
  • Sell with no risk so you control the bottom dollar that you sell for  
  • Accelerate Closings by creating honest urgency and improving your contract to close time.
  • Get Dedicated Support so you can have confidence in the process.
    Whether you want to make sure you're not leaving money on the table, or you want to reach to more buyers, Sellio™ gives you control. Set your Listing Period, Asking Price and Reserve Price - and let the best buyer win!...
    • ​V​irtual Process Leverage Technology to do the 'heavy lifting' for every deal, even if you don't now how to build a website (no technical experience necessary)
    • ​S​tand Out and Attract the The Most Qualified Buyers so you can beat the competition, even in a competitive market
    • ​Get Closing Resources get access to 3rd party escrow, title, and closing attorneys to protect your legal interest - so you can improve your bottom line and your network. 

    What Do I Get?

    Here's what you get when you create a listing.

    • Sellio™ Marketplace Listing Private Seller Account  Access your Seller Portal and publish a fully automated Reverse Auction-Style Listing. Just share your Listing URL and start taking offers online.  No technical experience required.
    • A Dedicated Sellio™ Support Specialist is there to help set up, manage and service your listings for quality assurance and to help attract the most buyers.  
    • Sellio™ Offer Management System and Proof of Funds Verification ensures buyers are serious, qualified, and have "skin-in-the-game".  Just share your unique Listing URL with interested buyers and let the best buyer win.
    • Automated Buyer Notifications Interested buyers receive LIVE email & SMS notifications during your Listing Period by adding your property to their 'watchlist' - so you don't have talk to buyers and negotiate back-and-forth. 
    • ​Sellio™ Marketplace Exposure Your Listing will be included in the Marketplace and Sellio™ newsletter that reaches thousands of pre-approved cash buyers interested in purchasing properties, as-is.   You can also include additional SMS and email outreach as an option to reach more buyers.
    • Streamlined Closings Sellio™ offers connections to 3rd party escrow, title, and closing attorneys to accelerate and simplify the closing process so you can have peace of mind and be secure in your property sale.
    No Technical Experience Needed!

    Sellio™ gives you the power to sell your own home - and make sure you're not leaving money on the table. 

    What other Investors Are saying:

    Curtis E., Statesville, NC - Investor

    I heard about Sellio™ it took me less than 10 seconds to 'get it' and I signed up immediately. This is a complete game-changer for investors and wholesalers looking for a simple way to unload properties".

    Becky I., Orlando, FL - Investor

    "Sellio™ is innovative and just a better way to weed out buyers that are not serious. I'm on board."

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Sellio™ manage offers for me?
    Once your listing is live any buyer with internet access can make a legitimate and qualified offer online.

    Interested buyers do their Due Diligence and make an offer by placing a $1000-$3000 pre-authorization (hold) on their credit card to show they're serious.  They can choose their offer amount directly on your Sellio™ Listing.

    **Make sure all buyers are making offers on the Sellio™ Listing to level the playing field. If you take offers outside of your Listing it will compromise the integrity of your asking price and you will not get the full value of the Sellio™ service.
    How does the Reverse-Auction Style Listing work?
    Choose your listing's highest (reasonable) "Asking Price", your "Reserve Price" (lowest acceptable price) and a "Listing Period" (when your listing starts/stops).  Your Listing will begin on the start date and the price will drop incrementally until it reaches your Reserve Price Buyers can secure the property at the current Asking Price, or set a lower offer during your Listing Period.  Buyers are required to place an Offer Hold (pre-authorization/hold of $1000-$3000).  

    If your listing does not secure interested buyers during your Listing Period, you can re-list 3 times for FREE, each additional listing after 3 for the same property is $97.
    What is the Listing Period?
    The Listing Period is the time period you allow buyers to purchase your client's property.  Listing Periods can be 24 hours to 45 days, based on your client's specific needs.  You and your client control the time period of when you let buyers purchase.
    What is the Reserve Price?
    The Reserve Price is the the lowest acceptable amount your client will sell for.  When you set this Price, once it is reached it the listing disappears.
    What if the buyer backs out?
    If the buyer doesn't perform after you select them as the winning buyer of the listing, the buyer's $1000-$3000 becomes a non-refundable charge and Sellio™ writes you and/or your seller a check for 50%.
    Who Creates the Listing, me or my client?
    You or your client can create the listing and decide who manages the account.  Many agents see the benefit in saving time by managing the account and all listings as a value add to their service.
    How do I schedule showings?
    Interested buyers will inquire on the listing with a question or to see the property.  You will receive these questions and requests and handle according to your standard scheduling processes.
    Does my client need to do repairs or clean the house?
    No.   90% of the properties on Sellio™ are sold as-is, so you can too!  
    How do I know the buyers are legitimate and serious about buying?
    All buyers are required to place a pre-auth (hold) on their card to offer of $1000-$3000.   Also, after you select the winning offer, Sellio™ verfies the buyers proof of funds and identity.  If the buyer cannot provide POF or ID verification, the listing stays active and you can continue the listing.
    How do I communicate with buyers?
    1 - you choose your level of interaction with buyers
    2 - Your Sellio™ Listing will receive inquiries from buyers and you can interact as you wish.
    3 - Don't negotiate price.  Let Sellio™ do the work for negotiating price and time frame.

    During your Listing Period, Sellio™ allows buyers to add your listing to their 'watchlist'.  They will receive SMS and email updates on your listing as your Listing Period is active so they can click and secure your property from their mobile device.  This is a standard feature with Sellio™
    How do I share my listings with buyers?
    When you Create a Sellio™ Listing, you will receive a unique URL to share with interested buyers.  

    We encourage speaking with buyers but not to negotiate price directly.  Doing this will compromise the integrity of your listing and you will not get the full value of Sellio™!  Just tell them I'm taking all offers on my Sellio™ Listing!
    What If I my client wants to cancel the listing?
    You control the listing 100% and reserve the right to end or cancel the listing at any time, for any reason.  You can also take any offer at any time and start closing.  Creating a listing is 100% risk free.
    After I have selected a buyer, how does it work?
    Once you select your winning buyer, we connect you with your buyer to start the closing process according to your standard business process.  If necessary, Sellio™ can introduce you to qualified escrow officers, title, closing attorney's so you can have the resources you need.
    Is Sellio™ a broker?
    No Sellio™ is a platform only that sellers use as a tool to help manage offers and connect with a qualified buyer online.  Sellio™ does not provide representation, perform brokerage activities, earn commissions, referral fees or offer legal advice.
    What if 2 or more buyers place the same offer?
    The offer that is placed first becomes the winning buyer, so it is based on priority order.  We inform your interested buyers to do their due diligence quickly and get their highest offer in. inspect the property and confirm their offer price as quickly as possible within the Listing Period.
    Can I put all my properties on Sellio™?!

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